Handmade Upcycled Blue Marble Chanel Handbag - Only 1 - Completely Custom

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  • Gorgeous upcycled Handbag.

    We took this beautiful blue marble handbag and added a Chanel earring (double c logo) on the top, along with beautiful Chanel ribbon.

    Blue Marble Acrylic Handbag with gold and crystal accents. All handmade.

    7.5” wide by 6” tall
    3” wide
    Brand new. Includes crossbody strap.

We do not own rights to the Chanel trademark or logo. These are simply vintage earrings (worn and refurbished) that are available for resale. Earrings received may be slightly different than photo as we have many pair of the silver earrings (mini) and inclusions or wear may be slightly different on all since they are vintage. All products have been sterilized, cleaned and refurbished to bring them back to life!